Saint Simon Parish School would not be the same without our dedicated volunteers.  Volunteering allows  opportunities to meet students, faculty, and other parents.  There are countless ways to volunteer, whether you would like to take the reins to chair an event, or would just like to help.  We're sure we have something that will fit your availability and interest.

Where/how do I sign up to volunteer?

Opportunities to help at school-wide functions and in the classroom can be found via Engage!, our web-based portal. School parents can easily access Engage! in the left pane of their Schoology parent page. Optionally click here to see what events need your help.

Safe Environment Training

All on-campus volunteers are required to sign in with our automatic "KeepnTrack" system, located in the front office, each day they volunteer. This assists the school in keeping records and enables the office to contact volunteers in case of emergency. For the safety of students, volunteers are also required to be fingerprinted and must complete online safety training prior to any work on campus or field trips.

The Office for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults (OPCVA)

The Office for the Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults (OPCVA) is committed to fostering healthy relationship by means of educating, training, and screening all adults who have regular access to children, youth and vulnerable adults within the Diocese of San Jose for the purpose of preventing harm.