Teacher Fund

The Saint Simon Teacher Fund was initiated in 1998 to help recruit and retain well-qualified and dedicated teachers. The Teacher Fund is a reimbursement, not compensation, program that encourages teachers to enhance their classroom performance by reimbursing them for continuing education expenses (workshops and conferences), tuition and credential fees, teacher association fees, education enrichment travel expenses, classroom supplies, and other productivity tools. Many of our teachers use the Fund for software and technology tools, as well as student incentives.

Donations to the Teacher Fund are placed in socially responsible, professionally-managed investment and money-market funds. The amount of the annual distribution is approved by the Teacher Fund Committee. Reimbursements for approved expenses are distributed annually to teachers and the total allocation may vary from year to year based upon fund balance, fundraising activities and portfolio performance. 

Teacher Fund Committee

The Teacher Fund Committee members include representatives from the parent community, the Saint Simon Parish Pastor and School Principal. The Teacher Fund Committee meets four times per year and seeks a two-year commitment from parent members.

Fundraising Activities

Please consider making a donation to the Teacher Fund using the form above. Donations may also be made via cash or check with the hard copy form here. Gifts of stock are also greatly appreciated.

Donations may be made as a single payment or in monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual installments. Donations from family, foundations, grandparents, and other relatives are welcome.