Student Life

After-school activities

We offer a number of exciting after-school activities to choose from to fit your child's interests, including: band, chess, cooking, cotillion, drama, foreign language, golf, guitar, hip-hop dance, LEGO© engineering, Mad Science, robotics, theater, typing, soccer, and Zumba©.  Class fees average approximately $200 per session.


Fine arts (painting, drawing, sculpture) are woven into the curriculum. Parents can view their child's art on Artsonia, "the world's largest kid's art museum."  Fine art is also offered as an after-school extracurricular class. Music is part of the curriculum and extra music programs are offered before and after school, including band.


After-school sports at Saint Simon begin in the 4th grade. Approximately seventy-five percent of our student body participates in after-school sports. Fees (excluding cheerleading) run between $50-$75 per sport.  Teams typically practice 1-2 days after school, and play games 1-2 days after school during the week.

Nine (9) boys activities/teams are offered:  Flag football, JVA/JVB/Varsity A/Tournament Team basketball, soccer, volleyball, the WCAL swim meet (one day event), and the WCAL track meet (two day event).

Ten (10) girls activities/teams are offered:  Cheerleading (8th grade only), JV/Varsity A/Varsity B/Tournament Team basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, the WCAL swim meet (one day event), and the WCAL track meet.

Field Trips

Experiences outside of the classroom provide an opportunity for teachers to bring lessons to life.  Each grade typically takes two times per year to go off-campus to experience a wide range of direct experience with science, art, music, and social events in our local community.  Sample field trips include Science Camp, Washington DC, Chabot Space & Science and more.

Lunch Program

Taste Nutrition provides healthy, seasonal, and nutritious lunch options prepared from scratch every day. 

Service Learning and Outreach

Service learning and outreach are a central part of our Catholic mission.  The school regularly participates in food and clothing drives, and every year Saint Simon Parish School children donate over 3,500 hours of independent service.  Saint Simon Parish School students in sixth through eighth grade are asked to complete service hours as part of support of Parish outreach initiatives as follows:  sixth grade (ten hours);  seventh grade (twenty hours); eighth grade (thirty hours).

Student Council

Saint Simon School has an active Student Council consisting of seven officers and two representatives from each room in Grades 4 through 8. Student Council officers and representatives and act as classroom liaisons throughout the year.

School Uniforms

The Saint Simon uniform is symbolic of Saint Simon Parish School and should be worn with pride. Students are required to wear the complete uniform every day.  School Uniform Guidelines can be found here.

Uniforms can be purchased at Appletree.  Shoes can be purchased at Appletree, Howard’s Shoes in Vallco Shopping Mall or Stanford Shopping Center, and at other stores in the area.  For your convenience, we suggest that you call ahead to see if the store has the appropriate style and size in stock.

The school also offers a used uniform sale twice a year, at which time parents can purchase gently used uniforms at a significantly reduced price.  Check the calendar for dates.

Appletree Uniform Store
1366 South Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Store Hours are Tues – Thurs, 11-5 and Fri – Sat, 11-4
Phone Number: (408) 900-8951
Fax: (408) 900-8265