School Community Council (SCC)

The School Community Council (SCC) serves as an advisory body, chartered to: help, support, guide, and make recommendations to the educational process and programs in partnership with our pastor, principal, the administration, faculty, students, parents and parish members of Saint Simon Community.  The SCC welcomes ideas, suggestions, and contributions that enhance the educational process at Saint Simon School.  SCC Meetings are open to Saint Simon parents and parishioners.  The meetings are held monthly during the academic year.

How to get involved

Parents can help the SCC in a number of ways.  Parents are welcome to attend our monthly SCC meetings, or participate in a SCC sub-committee.   We welcome feedback about the education and operation of Saint Simon School, including suggestions on educational programs and issues that concern the health and safety of our students or faculty.

To view past meeting minutes, submit a proposal for a project or program, view current SCC members, review by-laws and more please log into your Schoology account.