Our Faculty and Staff

Dedicated. Passionate. Creative. These are just a few of the words we use to describe the faculty and staff at St. Simon School. Our team of educational experts work tirelessly to engage students in learning and to cultivate an environment structured for academic excellence. Our educators are committed to providing a challenging, well-rounded education that inspires children to reach their full potential. 

Preschool and Pre K

Vicki Kestler, Preschool Director

Erika Ibarra, Preschool Teacher

Carole Gomet, Preschool Teacher

Kindergarten - Third Grade

Mary Mueller,  Kindergarten Teacher

Jordan Garvey, Kindergarten Teacher

Cindy Aguilar, First Grade Teacher

Katherine Carpenter, First Grade Teacher

Lexi Brand,  Second Grade Teacher

Micheline Kemist,  Second Grade Teacher

Whitney Ehret, Third Grade Teacher

Nicki Keating, Third Grade Teacher

Fourth - Fifth Grade

Tina Rogers, Fourth Grade Teacher

Maria Carroll, Fourth Grade Teacher

Daniel Gray, Fifth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade Teacher

Middle School (Sixth - Eighth Grade)

Becky VanMeter, Sixth Grade Teacher

Jennifer Tibbils, Sixth Grade Teacher

Amy Chuch, Seventh Grade Teacher

Jamie Lee, Seventh Grade Teacher

Bryce Rose, Eighth Grade Teacher

Jessica Roberts, Eighth Grade Teacher

Math and Science Specialty Teachers

Ann Kozlovsky, Math Chair, Math Teacher Grades 6/7

Amy Rack, Math Teacher, Grades 5-8

Natalie Tachibana, Math Teacher, Grades 5-8

Michael Boennighausen, Math Teacher, Grades 7/8

Monica Hickam, Science Teacher, Sixth Grade

Sarah DeCarlo, Science Teacher, Grades 7/8

Resource Specialists

Susan Anderson, Reading Specialist

Linda Maher, Speech and Language Pathologist

Marcela Bremauntz, Spanish Teacher

Derica Haack, Art Director

Craig Hirotsuka, Band Director

Tracy Bettendorf, Librarian

Josh Miller, Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher

Tina Lipscomb, Physical Education Teacher

Samantha Foti, Music Teacher