Emergency Preparedness

In preparing our school and parish community for emergencies, we take seriously our obligation to keep our school and staff prepared.  As a result, we have put the following tools in place: 

  • An Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness committee looks frequently at our current emergency preparedness plan, including emergency drill plans and logistics.
  • Staff is frequently trained on all facets of emergency preparedness.  In addition, both the school and parish attend sessions on emergency and safety issues, including:  chemical and other hazards, locations of gas shutoffs, and location of emergency supplies.
  • The school hosts monthly school-wide fire drills.  In addition, individual classroom drills are also practiced for earthquake safety.
  • We maintaining ongoing relationships with the Los Altos Police and Fire Departments to coordinated emergency operations planning, site maintenance and safety compliance.
  • Each classroom and individual work area are provided with a Red Cross-compliant safety bag containing emergency supplies and emergency plan information.  In addition, supplies are available throughout parish buildings, including medical kits and EPI-pen stations).
  • A thorough emergency evacuation plan that is communicated and practiced with families and students identifying evacuation routes and emergency stations/command posts in the event of a large-scale emergency.

Student release procedures in an emergency

In the event of an emergency that requires an early release of students, the following procedures will generally be followed (keeping in mind that the nature of the emergency many necessitate logistical adjustments).


  • Depending on the circumstances:  Students can be picked up in the front parking lot (adjacent to Grant Road - please refer to map in Appendix 2 of the Student-Parent Handbook).
  • Only parents, guardians and individuals listed on the emergency form may pick up a student.  It is critical that parents/guardians ensure that their child's emergency card is up-to date.
  • Upon arrival, please go to the parental check-in stations tentatively located between the church and school's main office cross walk, where you will check in/may have your ID verified, after which a staff member will bring your child to you and you may exit the campus onto Grant Road.
  • Please be patient.  Depending on the magnitude of the event and its impact on the campus, procedures may need to be adjusted and check-in/out may take time.

Epi-Pen/Epi-Ready Stations

Numerous students on the St. Simon campus have allergies to nuts and other elements that can lead to serious shock if not addressed in the first few minutes after exposure (these students are identified by their parents with a medical plan, and information is provided to the teachers and contained in a binder in the health office). In the event of an anaphylactic emergency, we have installed Epi-Ready stations (small, wall-mounted blue boxes containing Epi-Pens and adjacent instruction posters) in four locations across campus: 

  • Health Office (lower school building next to the main office)
  • Faculty Lounge (in the upper building, installed on the medicine chest)
  • Athletic Office in the Parish Center (though this is locked in a cabinet due to supervision concerns, with the instructional poster on the outside)
  • Pre-K/Extended Care building (behind the gated area, above the counter and on the wall).

The Epi-Ready stations are blue and will have an instructional poster next to the box (these posters identify the symptoms, use of the pen, and follow up care).  Please note there are also instructions on the Epi-Pens themselves.