Saint Simon At A Glance


Enrollment approximately 475 students (2 classes per grade)

Average Class Size:  Kindergarten (22) • Grades 1-2 (23) •
 Grades 3-5 (29) • Grades 6-8 (34)

Student to Teacher Ratio:  Grades K-2 (11:1) • Grades 3-5 (15:1) •
 Grades 6-8 (17:1)


  • State of the Art Science Lab
  • Dedicated Art Room
  • Music & Band Room
  • Library
  • Gym and Parish Center
  • Extended Care
  • Athletic field
  • Children's Ministry Office
  • Church, Chapel and Convent


Kindergarten uses a transition schedule for approximately the first month of school.  During this transition period school runs from 7:55am - 11:30am, with the option of extended care after 11:30am dismissal.  Once the transition period ends, kindergarten runs from 7:55 am – 3:00 pm with an optional 1 hour of extended care.  During the regular school year kindergarten has early dismissal every Wednesday at 11:30 am.

Grades 1-8 start the day at 7:55 am and end at 2:55 (grades 1-4) and 3:00 pm (grades 5-8) daily.  Wednesdays are dismissed at 2:15 pm with the exception of the 3rd Wednesday of the month with 12:30 pm dismissal.  This adjusted schedule allows for faculty and staff meetings and a smooth dismissal process.

Our Programs

Saint Simon offers a number of enrichment programs, including:  art, athletics, music, and more.  For details, please see our student life section.