Awards and Honors

Each year Saint Simon recognizes outstanding students during graduation with the following awards and honors. Click on the award to see a list of winners from each year.

American Legion School Award

Pope Francis Award

Fr. Spooncer Graduate Award
 Awarded to a student reflecting the values of virtues and kindness of St. Simon's founding pastor

Joe Schram Memorial Scholarship

John Prendergast Award
 Awarded to students in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement.  From 1978 - 1982, the John Prendergast Award recognized both male and female students for outstanding scholastic achievement.  After the establishment of the Madelaine Foss Scholarship Award in 1983, male students were recognized under the John Prendergast Award and female students under the Madelaine Foss Award.

Judy Capaldo Memorial Scholarship Award
 Awarded in memory of Mrs. Judy Capaldo, dearly loved math and science teacher who taught for twenty years at St. Simon School.  Awarded to a gradating student who best demonstrates outstanding effort in math and science.

Luke Powers Fine Arts Memorial Scholarship

Rohan Karer Memorial Scholarship Award

Madelaine Foss Scholarship Award
 Established in 1983, the Madelaine Foss Scholarship award is granted to graduating female students in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement

Principal's Award
 Awarded to the students who demonstrated consistent effort and dedication to the Schoolwide Learning Expectations, and Compassion for their fellow students over the course of their three years in middle school.

St. Simon Parish School Outstanding Graduate Award
 Awarded to the student who in their time as a St. Simon student embodied the values of scholarship, curiosity, strength, kindness and faith.