Saint Simon offers a variety of enrichment experiences for students, encompassing art, music, robotics, scouting, and more.  Some activities span the school year, while others are offered during the fall or spring session.  For a complete list of current classes, or to enroll, please log in to Schoology.

Year-Round Activities

Altar Servers

Students in grades five through eight are invited to be altar servers during mass. Students are offered training, and then are scheduled to serve Mass on a regular basis. For more information, please visit the Altar Servers page on the parish website.


Saint Simon band is fun and educational experience for all fourth through eighth grade students.  Students learn the fundamentals of the instrument of their choice, in addition to learning how to play in an ensemble setting. We offer the following instruments: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and drums.


Choir serves the parish community as dedicated music ministers throughout the school year.  Through song, sign language, liturgical movement and reverence, the children serve as role models to the assembly by leading them in prayer and worship.


Saint Simon is home to scouting programs for both boys and girls. For more information on the scouting program, please visit our parish website.

Student Council

Saint Simon School has an active Student Council consisting of seven officers from 7th and 8th grade.  Representatives from student council gain experience in student affairs, public speaking, and planning school-wide activities.

After School Activities

Saint Simon Parish School offers a number of after-school enrichment activities, broken into fall and spring sessions.  Some of our offerings include the classes below. For a complete list of current classes, or to enroll, please log in to Schoology.

Broadway and Theater for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners get a chance to learn the basics of musical theater with a combination of fun in singing, dance and beginning scene and theater games.  Each class will start with a vocal and physical warm up followed by a game. We also focus on presentation skills, combining choreography with singing, basic vocal technique and what it means to be onstage.


Rather than forcing students to memorize lengthy combination patterns and judging success entirely on winning, our chess program encourages students to concentrate on the end result of playing chess, which develops critical-thinking, creative problem-solving, concentration and patience.  We believe that chess should be used as a tool to teach students skills they will use throughout their academic careers.

Dance Etiquette / Cotillion

Students learn ballroom dancing, including the waltz, fox trot, swing, and cha-cha. Special attention is given to social etiquette – shaking hands, introducing themselves to others, seating a young lady and getting her refreshments.  What better way to learn social graces than cotillion!

Draw Paint and Sculpt

Come and explore your creative side. We'll learn about some well known famous artists from the past and present as we try out various mediums.  Students have opportunities to draw, paint, and work three-dimensionally in class.  Come explore your budding art-making skills!


Students learn proper golf technique that will equip students with skills necessary to play on course.  Students enjoy small class sizes geared to teach them swing fundamentals, USGA rules, and golf course etiquette. All of our instructors are local Certified Golf Teaching Professionals with a passion for junior golf. 


This is an acoustic guitar class which focuses on the fundamentals of guitar playing and music education. Students can apply from beginners to advanced levels. Students start as one class and separate into 2-3 groups of different skill levels.  We work on strumming, picking, chords, soloing, rhythm, melody, harmony and improvisation.

Hip Hop

This stylish, fun, upbeat class is geared towards kinder aged kids to help establish rhythm and see how they can be expressed through music.  Class starts with a warm up and game, followed by songs that teach the fundamentals of hip-hop. 

LEGO® Jedi Engineering

Young Jedi will explore worlds far, far away and engineering principles right in front of them. Defeat the Empire by designing and refining LEGO® X-Wings, R2-units, and settlements on far-flung edges of the galaxy. Imagination and engineering combine to create motorized and architectural projects such as energy catapults, shield generators and defense turrets.

Mad Science presents: NASA-Academy of Future

Attention Future Astronauts!  Mad science and NASA have teamed up to bring you the excitement and wonder of space inn this voyage of discovery.

Musical Theater

We learn the basics of musical theater with a combination of training in voice, dance and beginning acting technique.  Each class starts with a vocal and physical warm up followed by a game.  Students work on a specific group song(s) from the Broadway repertoire.  Stage presence, personality, delivering of lyrics and lines are a big part of this class.


ROBOTS + IMAGINATION + ENGINEERING = FUN.  We combine LEGO® robotics with a vast array of interesting projects, materials and choices to provide an outstanding range of possibilities.  New and returning students either start or continue on their journey through our unique, year­ round curriculum ­ our "Path to Mastery."

World Cup Soccer Camps

New and inexperienced players learn the fundamental skills of soccer while helping to develop the individual skills and tactics of more experienced players. Our qualified World Cup Soccer Camps Coach will make it fun and challenging for every level of player.