The curriculum at Saint Simon Parish School provides a dynamic instructional program intended to educate the whole child in a supportive faith filled environment.  The administration and faculty utilize a differentiated approach to teaching which addresses the many and varied ways in which students learn.  Subjects include:

  • Art
  • Foreign language (Spanish)
  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social studies

Meeting the needs of growing students

First through third grade

Teachers in grades one through three collaborate to follow the California Common Core Curriculum.  Ideas are shared among each other during weekly curriculum workshops.  Each classroom parallels the other, though the teachers may have different teaching methods and styles, which reflect the individual needs of the students.  Instructional assistants are available in each class.  

Fourth and fifth grade

Saint Simon Parish School uses a departmentalized scheduling model in the fourth and fifth grade.  While traditionally most elementary school students receive their education with a single teacher who teach the core subjects (math, language arts, religion, social studies and science), the student’s home room teacher will instruct their students in language arts and one other core subject.  This departmentalization allows teachers to dedicate their time in an area of expertise, as well as effectively manage the transition into middle school.

Middle school

Middle school encompasses grades six through eight. Our goal during these years is to properly prepare our children for high school (i.e. high school readiness).  These students change classrooms each eighty-five minute period and are taught by dedicated subject teachers.  Students follow a block schedule, like many high schools do, which allow them to learn to balance their homework and extra-curricular activities.